AHIC Programme 2017

The ongoing digital revolution, emerging internet of things and advent of the sharing economy are having a profound effect on the way people do business across the world. It’s high time they were seen as enablers, not disruptors, and hospitality investors, developers, owners and operators alike have the chance in 2017 to capitalise on these for future growth, profitability and success.

You too can accelerate change and embrace a new future. AHIC returns for its 13th year on 25-27 April 2017.


2017 Agenda Highlights


Join leading architects, interior designers, technology leaders and concept developers in this visionary session to kick-off AHIC 2017. Using the famous PechaKucha format, each speaker will present their ideas on one of two topics using 20 images, with 20 seconds per image. Using the art of concise presentations, slides will advance automatically with the speaker narrating the images.

This is a visual and social start to AHIC 2017, designed to enable you to think to the future, break down boundaries and approach hotel investment with a new perspective. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to uncover the unexpected.

If you have a vision on one of the two topics you would like to share, please email ahic@benchevents.com

The Hotel of the Future

Be wowed by the ‘Starchitects’ with a vision for hotel concepts that break down traditional models

Smart Buildings of the Future

Gain a glimpse into how technology is changing face of Commercial Real Estate from experts in IT, construction and artificial intelligence


For the first time, AHIC launches BIG inspirational talks designed to act as a catalyst to drive change in the Middle east.

The Big Waste Wake-Up Call:

AHIC reveals in real numbers how much energy hotels waste – and what this costs owners financially. With no tax incentives in the Middle East to persuade developers to install solar panels or ensure operators recycle, will these numbers persuade owners of the virtues of a sustainable business?

The Big Talent Wake-Up Call:

With tens of thousands of rooms in the construction pipeline, what responsibility do owners, developers, tourism bodies and operators have to find, train and retain the young leaders to manage these properties? Where will they come from and how can the industry unite to develop a GCC workforce?


  • AHIC 2017 Outstanding Service to the Industry Award
  • AHIC 2017 Leadership Award
  • AHIC 2017 Leader of Tomorrow Award

In a ceremony on Thursday 27 April, AHIC recognises and celebrate success in the industry with the presentation of the AHIC Awards. This is your chance to see meet and hear from some of your most inspiring peers.


  • Global Catalysts for Change
  • The 2017 Macroeconomic Outlook for Middle East Hospitality
  • An A-Z of Reflagging your Hotel
  • White Label Operators
  • Do you really need an international brand?
  • A 360 degree approach to asset management
  • Investment beyond the Middle East
  • The China Effect: Moving Chinese investment from the US to the Middle East
  • Hotel Room Investments: The alternative model


Networking is the main reason why so many executives attend AHIC. Opportunities to network are provided throughout the conference, from the lunches, coffee breaks, roundtable discussions to the lavish evening receptions.

Roundtable Discussions:

Join our round tables focused on industry issues allowing you to network while learning from colleagues and demonstrating your own expertise to potential partners. Meet and share ideas with fellow attendees ahead of the start of the conference sessions, it is a great icebreaker and an excellent way to obtain industry knowledge.

Evening Receptions:

AHIC host two spectacular evening networking receptions during the conference. In a relaxed and fun environment you will have the opportunity to network on a more informal basis.

Online Networking:

Join the online networking service which provides you with the unique opportunity to interact online with fellow delegates, speakers and sponsors before, during and after the event. This is an exclusive opportunity to see who is coming to AHIC and a chance to plan one-on-one meetings securely. Details on how to use the contact system will be sent to you after registration.